Our Pilot Course:
Technology & the Future of Work

What skills are necessary to navigate a rapidly changing environment? How should our educational systems adapt?

In this program we will explore the ethical implications of accelerating change. We will analyze how we view work as a society, what work means to us as individuals, and discuss possible solutions to mass unemployment and automation.

Understanding Exponential Trends

To understand the social implications of technological progress, we'll explore the accelerating rate of change in our society. What does it mean to live in a world defined by exponential growth?

Week #1

The Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Without using any coding, we will learn how to recognize artificial intelligence in our everyday encounters. How do machine learning algorithms influence our decisions?

Week #2

The Future of Work

Many experts believe we will soon face mass unemployment due to automation. As more and more human jobs are replaced with machines, how can we prepare for an ever-changing work environment?

Week #3

Why Work?

What will happen to our sense of purpose if we are no longer obligated to work? Can policies like universal basic income help society and the economy adapt to these changes?

Week #4

Exponential Technologies

Blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, digital fabrication. These are a few emerging technologies that will soon shape our lives in profound ways. What will these technologies look like in 10 years?

Week #5

What is a good education?

What kinds of skills will be relevant in the future economy? Given the uncertainty we face, what should we actually be learning in school?

Week #6