At edgi, our mission is to create spaces for open and informed dialogue on the issues that matter most to our future. We listen to what students have to say and invite their leadership in shaping the conversation.


Meet the Co-Founders:
Josh & Tinsley.

Josh and Tinsley are two NYU Gallatin alums interested in solving problems in education. Josh previously worked on Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign and Tinsley worked in the NY edtech world.

Josh and Tinsley

Both of us struggled to find our place in high school (Tinsley dropped out of traditional school and earned her degree online and Josh got kicked out of boarding school). We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what a good education could look like, and we want to help students find their spark.

Two years ago we started working on the Edify Symposium, an education conference and design workshop where we invited high school students and undergraduates to reflect on their education and design forward-looking schools. We did a lot of work in Berkshire County, where Josh grew up, working with students and school stakeholders on proposals for architectural renovations. At the heart of this project was an emphasis on student voice and our desire to help students prepare for the problems they’ll face as a result of rapid technological progress.

COVID prevented us from hosting this event last spring, so we started thinking of other ways we could continue this work. We decided to offer a remote course to public school students in Berkshire County based on a seminar Josh teaches at NYU. Shortly after finishing our summer pilot, we won first place in a COVID-focused innovation challenge and started our fall program with over 100 students.

Education for the future and edify logos

For his senior project at NYU Gallatin, edgi co-founder Josh Shapiro created and led a K-12 education symposium called Education for the Future. The event showcased The Paideia Project, entire architectural and curriculum redesigns for a public high school that were made by Josh and a team of undergraduate designers. This laid the groundwork for the Edify Symposium, where Josh and Tinsley got high school students involved in the redesigns, and eventually led to Edgi Learning.