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Edgi is on a mission to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. We offer 8-week courses for high school students that help them grapple with issues that are relevant to the world today and will stay relevant long into the future.


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Real learning happens when we engage in meaningful dialogue. Our courses revolve around discussion sessions led by other students who have completed our program. This creates a challenging leadership opportunity for select Edgi alums.

Technological progress is impacting our lives in profound ways. Those who understand these changes are at a clear advantage. Our courses focus on the relevant challenges we face today, and offer space for open dialogue on the ethical dilemmas raised by these transformations.

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Technology & the Future of Work

Based on a successful NYU seminar developed and taught by Edgi founder Josh Shapiro, this class offers students the chance to consider the implications of accelerating technological progress and explore the future of work.

Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

Program Lead

Josh teaches several courses at NYU on creativity, entrepreneurship, technology and the future of work. Previously, Josh worked for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign, where he helped shape the campaign’s digital strategy.

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