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Student Testimonials


Student Testimonials

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The world is changing very quickly. So quickly that parents and teachers are having a hard time keeping up. We offer an immersive experience that help you develop the skills and frameworks you’ll need to navigate an increasingly uncertain future.

In our program you’ll choose from a bank of resources — be it podcasts, articles, or videos — on relevant topics important to your future. Then, you’ll hop on a video call led by students (edgi alums), and discuss the topics with your peers, exploring the messy and sometimes unanswerable questions that arise.

Exponential trend

Technology & the Future of Work

Based on an NYU seminar developed and taught by edgi founder Josh Shapiro. In this program you will learn about and discuss the implications of technological progress and how to best prepare for rapid change.

Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro

Program Creator

Josh teaches several courses at NYU on creativity, entrepreneurship, technology and the future of work. Previously, Josh worked for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign.

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